Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forever Nuts

I never liked tea. Though if you met me now you'd never this. I remember the first time I actually enjoyed a cup of tea. My family went out to an indian restaurant after one of my cousin's dance recitals. Chai tea was brought to the table, and feeling adventurous I decided to have a sip. It was delicious! The moment I got home I tried desperately to re-create the tea with no success. I wasn't happy with another cup of tea until a friend introduced me to DAVIDs TEA. The flavour of the tea was just so interesting, chocolate, mint, and peppercorn in a black tea. Mmmm. I visited DAVIDs TEA on Monday with my aunt who is visiting from Australia. We decided to pick a fun tea to try. We chose Forever Nuts and it legitimately tastes like apple pie! Oh and of course turns an amazing pink colour.  

Though I now love tea. I never liked iced tea. Though to be fair I had only ever tried Nestea. Forever Nuts makes a great iced tea however (like many teas at DAVIDs TEA)! Unlike Nestea, I can choose to add no sugar to my drink. Plus, the flavour of Forever Nuts is so much more interesting than what ever Nestea is, and likely a lot better for you. Hope all you tea lovers and 'tea haters' enjoyed this post, and I'll write to you all again very soon.

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